Thursday, May 5, 2011

Simple Past Tense

What is simple past tense ?
Simple Past Tense is the tense that we used to describe something that is happening in the past. 
Form: [VERB+ed] or Irregular Verb.
Example: I cooked fried rice yesterday.
         Last Monday, I went to the mall. 
         She washed her car this morning.
         Ali saw her yesterday at the library. 
Exercise: List down any past tense that is used in the comic strip below.
    ____________    ____________
    ____________    ____________
Games: Now guys. try to identify the past tense for each of the words in the crossword puzzle below. Good Luck!!:)
work         eat
sing         read
write        pass
cook         jump

This video will help you to understand more on past tense. Have fun watching!!:)


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